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Auditory hallucinations

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Auditory hallucinations

By auditory hallucinations, we mean the perception of sounds or voices without a source. The subject hears voices that don’t exist. This is primarily seen in chronic psychoses such as schizophrenia and more rarely in other psychiatric or neurological disorders. Auditory hallucinations are generally treated with antipsychotic medications, which remain the treatment of choice. These drugs also treat the underlying condition (schizophrenia, for example). However, antipsychotics aren’t always able to properly control auditory hallucinations with safe doses. The use of overly high doses can cause significant side effects. Resistant auditory hallucinations can become very debilitating.


At Psysol, we offer transcranial magnetic stimulation, which is a safe and effective non-drug treatment. This treatment can help you better control these voices, reduce doses of medications, and therefore reduce side effects if, of course, the other symptoms of the underlying condition allow it. We will examine your medical file and evaluate your personal situation before offering you this treatment, which can prove very effective at providing relief.

Studies show that the temporoparietal region of the brain is hyperactive in patients suffering from auditory hallucinations. Transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment reduces the activity in this region using low frequency magnetic fields aimed directly at this area. The reduced activity in the temporoparietal region is accompanied by a significant decrease in and sometimes even a complete disappearance of the voices.

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