Psychiatric expertise and assessment in Montreal | PSYSOL
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Psychiatric expertise and assessment

Psychiatric expertise

PsySol offers expert psychiatric services to any organization that wants to obtain a professional, unbiased, and independent opinion about the mental state of one of its members, employees, or clients.
Our psychiatric assessments and recommendations are based on the most documented and accepted medical data in the field of psychiatry. They will answer your questions clearly and concisely and help you better manage the most complex cases. In rare cases where legal remedies become inevitable, we assist our clients by explaining in a neutral and unbiased way before the courts the opinions expressed during our expert assessments. We carry out our expert assessments in a pleasant and respectful setting.
We will send you the preliminary and final reports within a very reasonable timeframe (generally less than 5 days). We have experience in the civil sector and — more specifically — in the field of labour. We cannot accept requests for expertise in the criminal area nor in certain fields that demand specific expertise, such as domestic disputes or disputes over child custody, etc.

Our services
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